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Evaluate Medtech

Monitor the global medical device and diagnostic market in detail.

Understand where the market is focusing. Know where to jump in, what to watch out for, and what needs your attention now.

Effortlessly track, benchmark, and forecast the market landscape

Gauge your company’s standing and that of competitors, clients, and potential partners. Identify where to make your move, when to be cautious, and what demands immediate focus.

Who we help

Investors, consultants and service providers

Investors, consultants
and service providers

Build a clear understanding of the medical device and diagnostic market, grow your client portfolio, and validate investment decisions.

Medical device and diagnostic companies

Medical device
and diagnostic companies

Evaluate and forecast the medtech market and drill down to your targeted segment. Inform strategic investment and product launch decisions based on key trends and the competitive environment.

How Evaluate Supports Your Success

With Evaluate Medtech, you can quickly understand how the market views your company and product portfolio, or those of your competitors, clients and potential new business partners. With a comprehensive picture of multiple market characteristics, you know which technologies and devices the market is focusing on – and where your opportunities, risks and priorities lie.


Analyse portfolios and deals, and financial trends

Explore company and medical device portfolios, mapped to device segments, FDA product codes, and proprietary devices – in the market and under development.


Follow financial trends

Get insights on venture financing, M&A, IPOs, and clinical trials, with detail on CMS, CDC, CT, CUP, EUCOMED, and OECD procedures – all in one place.


Track key segments

View company segment sales with market share and rankings, R&D information, deals and venture financing activity by device classification.


Track regulatory developments as they happen

Monitor Devices@FDA, and search and extract insights from six integrated databases.

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