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BioSciDB Advisors

In biopharma dealmaking, excellence lies in the detail

Explore the most comprehensive reference database on biopharma alliances, to elevate deal value for all involved. 

Your go-to resource for biopharma alliances: expert insights, tools, and best practices. ​

Whether you’re tracking trends, structuring a deal, or negotiating the fine points, BioSciDB offers you the detailed intelligence you need to move forward with confidence.

Access three decades of publicly filed biopharma alliances, including over 11,100 unredacted contracts obtained through Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) disclosures. With our unique set of tools you can analyse the dealmaking landscape like never before.

How Evaluate Supports Your Success

With a comprehensive, single source of deal information that is easy to interrogate in granular detail, BioSciDB o­ffers you a fast and efficient way to get the specific picture of the deal landscape you need to negotiate with confidence. 


Inspect key deal provisions

After tagging any number of alliances, you can quickly search key deal provisions and review the original contract language in detail.


Find deal comparables

Access a search engine that uses more than 100 Alliance Keywords, structured to reflect the evolution of technologies, therapeutic areas and deal scope, as well as the changing ownership of compounds and companies over time.


Explore financial terms and best practices

Get insight into market terms and trends available nowhere else, to understand best practices in contract drafting and alliance negotiation.

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