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Evaluate Pharma

The definitive source of consensus forecasts

Analyse historical trends, understand the state of the market, and see what’s coming down the pipeline.

Drive commercial, operational, and financial decisions with an accurate, unbiased view of the biopharma landscape.

Robust forecasting is a crucial tool for pharma and biotech companies. It guides strategies, reduces risk, and fuels innovation. Evaluate Pharma is the go-to source for consensus forecasts for pharma firms, investment banks, and consultancies.

You can access a richer, insight-driven perspective that uniquely connects consensus forecasts with pipelines across indications, therapeutic areas, and mechanisms of action. Equip your teams with the right details at the right time, ensuring alignment on future goals and a strong competitive position.

Who We Help

Biotech and Pharma

Commercial teams, including Business Development & Licensing, Corporate Strategy, and Competitive Intelligence, use Evaluate Pharma for asset screening, market analysis, and portfolio strategy. Evaluate Pharma reduces the cost, time and risk associated with making strategic decisions.


Evaluate’s transparent aggregation of the latest commercial analysis provides a single source for your strategic advice. Get quick and easy access to global and regional market assessments, trends in therapeutic areas, competitor analysis and commercial due diligence.

Financial Services

Investment banks, private equity and venture capital firms use Evaluate Pharma to support their investment decision making. Insight into market sizing, portfolio and company valuations and the impact of market events on share price provide vital context.

How Evaluate Supports Your Success

Accessing the breadth and depth of quality, validated data you need can be a real challenge. The different data sets required are hard to source, standardise, aggregate and correlate. And even if you can manage all that in-house, you will always benefit from an independent perspective that eliminates unconscious bias and can be used for triangulation to de-risk asset valuation and portfolio optimisation decisions. Use consensus forecasting to identify market potential, opportunities and risks to help you understand what the market is saying about competitors and product portfolios, and to validate the assumptions that inform investment decisions. Evaluate Pharma enables you to:


De-risk decision making

Access consensus forecasts for almost 6,000 drugs, enhanced by the most comprehensive coverage of drug sales at an indication level with coverage of 5,000 drugs at a worldwide level and 2,500 drugs at a US-specific level.


Analyse historical data

Understand drug progression and identify trends with 1.5m+ consensus forecasts of 10,000 products dating back to 2003.


Refine forecasting models

Identify outliers, and potential under- or over-forecasting for an indication over time. 


Track deals and patents​

Monitor deals by company, product, therapy area, and more. Access historical deal data, venture financing and IPO information, key patent expiration dates and sales at risk globally.


Monitor market trends​

View a daily and weekly round-up of the stock price winners and losers, and the news impacting share prices and valuations.


Track product developments

Get insight into future critical events related to a product’s life cycle, and development and regulatory timelines.

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