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Evaluate Epi

Global reach. Fine detail. Unmatched insights.

Access epidemiology intelligence for strategic activities in minutes. Know the value of potential and addressable markets, and target your efforts and investment where they matter most.

Commercial understanding of disease burden, patient population, and indication value.

Designed by expert epidemiologists and infused with our consensus forecasting expertise, Evaluate Epi is an evidence-based source for patient populations that provides the foundation of accurate and robust asset valuations and forecasts,  Access detailed patient segmentation data, covering over 530 diseases and over 14,500 sub-populations, to measure the true value of a product.

Who We Help

Highly Detailed Coverage

Access data for 15 therapeutic areas, over 530+ indications and thousands of sub-populations, along with longer forecasting horizons, so you can identify opportunity, model change and understand commercial value.

Granular Patient-Level Detail

Understand the complexity of disease segmentation, across multiple regions, split by demographic data, biomarkers, rare diseases and more. 

Robust Data

Using the latest research, datasets are constructed using a wide variety of sources and reliable tools and techniques, resulting in a strong and defendable analysis of the epidemiology. 

How Evaluate Supports Your Success

Forecasting, portfolio prioritisation and asset valuation decisions require increasingly detailed and reliable epidemiology data. However, drawing confident conclusions about the spread and burden of disease is difficult to achieve. It’s time consuming to gather all the necessary data; and experts are required to evaluate, standardise and consolidate multiple epidemiological data sources into a single body of evidence. Evaluate Epi enables to you:


Pinpoint market opportunities

Profile diseases in detail. Customise your view with insights on biomarkers, co-morbidities, line of therapy, disability scales, and age coverage from 0 to 100 in 5-year increments. 


Optimise clinical trial design and planning

Quantify patient populations for clinical trial design selecting disease and conditions across 55 countries. 


Forecast patient needs and sales trends

Conduct budget impact analysis, health economics modelling, and forecast future shifts in patient populations and their effect on sales.

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