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Dig Deeper. Solve Key Pipeline and Portfolio Challenges.

In your regular use of pharma and biotech data, there might be times when richer detail and deeper insights are essential for a clearer understanding of specific areas.

Enhance your Evaluate dataset with our off-the-shelf or custom data feeds. With your choice of forecast, trial, and key event data flowing seamlessly into your systems and workflows, you will not only save time and effort, but also accelerate strategic decisions.

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Your data, your way

Choose from our ready-to-go data feeds or select your own custom set of data. Our Consulting & Analytics team works with you to maximise the value of our data and ensure actionable outcomes. Whatever your choice, we’ll deliver the data you require, as and when you need it.

  • Programmatic access: Ensure direct access to machine-readable and database-friendly Evaluate data.
  • No manual downloads or updates: Easily integrate our data into CRM systems, analytics dashboards, and other applications.
  • Combined data sources: Merge Evaluate data with other internal and external data to uncover vital insights.

Off-the-shelf data feeds

Powerful curated summaries of our data:
  • Formats: csv, xls
  • Frequency: daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly
  • Destinations: sFTP server, Amazon S3

Custom data feeds

Evaluate can support additional data supply approaches including:
  • Custom field lists
  • Alternative file formats (e.g. JSON, Parquet, Avro)
  • Alternative delivery destinations

What data do you need?

Here is a sample of our available data feeds. Contact us for a full list or to discuss your requirements.

Access core pipeline and marketed pharmaceutical product data for insight into R&D pipelines, company portfolios, and competitive landscapes. Support strategic asset screening, forecasting, modelling and investment decisions.

Get powerful insights into pharmaceutical ROI at the product and indication level, including product-specific success rates, anticipated future development timelines, and predicted peak sales in the USA.

Work with consistent company profiles including name, address, and company classification, alongside portfolio insights including pipeline counts by phase/therapy area, and analysis of sales concentration, risk, and age profile.

Understand ownership and market sales rights for pharmaceutical products, including proportion of sales booked in key territories by company, and profiles of deals signed including deal types and terms.

Assess ongoing clinical trial activity by indication and other factors, augmented with clinical outcome summaries (interim and final readouts) and with clean mapping to primary pharmaceutical products.