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Europe Drug Forecasts

Don’t just follow the European pharma market – get ahead of it.

A time-saving, data-driven window into Europe’s drug development landscape: past, present and future.

Explore the European pharma landscape with both a country and product lens.

Size the market, scan the R&D horizon, and compare prices with confidence, using real-world data and consensus forecasts out to 2030. Get information straight from the source – government and company reports. Dig into all the details and make evidence-based decisions that put you ahead.

How Evaluate Supports Your Success


Size market opportunity

Access consensus forecasts for key branded drugs at a European country level. Map future trends of key marketed drugs and pipeline assets. Profile in-line products, identify new assets, and measure their impact on key therapy areas.


Scan the R&D horizon

Explore the full pipeline of R&D products launching in the European market. Compare R&D product performance, mapping uptake trends and drivers across key European markets.


Compare prices across countries

Analyse ex-factory pricing data for Germany, France, Italy, England, Poland, Spain, and other key markets. Quickly assess new assets using price/DDD benchmark data, and easily carry out comparative analysis across EU-6 countries.

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