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The time and understanding you need to drive better decisions

Get to the crux of the matter faster with our unique blend of data, analytics, and expertise. Whether you need a broad market overview or a detailed product or company analysis, Evaluate takes you from exploration to full understanding quickly and accurately.

Our Solutions

Consulting & Analytics

Leveraging a foundation of extensive Evaluate data, augmented with secondary research, modelling and analysis, our pharmaceutical consulting solutions are data-driven and insight-focused. We also conduct targeted primary research with Key Opinion Leaders, Healthcare Professionals and Payers to validate our assumptions and test our hypotheses.

As part of Norstella, our team has access to an unparalleled range of insights, expertise and deep industry knowledge.


Evaluate Pharma

Understand the pharmaceutical market’s past, present, and future performance with over two decades of commercial data and a continually extending window of consensus forecasts. Access a richer view that uniquely links consensus forecasts to pipelines across indications, therapeutic areas, and mechanisms of action.

Evaluate Omnium

Put the power of machine learning to work. Analyse millions of data points across the full clinical pipeline to discern critical connections between risk and return. Highlight promising drugs and forecast R&D expenses, drug prices, and market entry timelines like never before.

Evaluate Epi

Identify commercial opportunities, confidently target clinical needs, and accurately gauge an asset’s worth. Interrogate comprehensive patient segmentation data down to the level of detail you need.

Evaluate Medtech

Easily monitor, compare, and predict trends in the global medical device and diagnostic market. Assess the competition, recognise risks and opportunities for action, and pinpoint immediate priorities.

Europe Drug Forecasts

Understand the European pharma landscape in detail. Scan the R&D horizon and size market opportunity supported by product consensus forecasts.

Japan Drug Forecasts

Refine your product and portfolio valuations for the Japanese market using country-specific consensus forecasts. Anticipate future trends, compare with global markets, benchmark product outcomes, and more.


Analyse the dealmaking landscape in detail. View key deal provisions, find deal comparables, and explore best practices in contract drafting and alliance negotiation.

CDMO Intelligence

Accelerate your growth in the evolving CDMO landscape. Use our tailored tool for robust CDMO screening, molecular landscape insights, detailed manufacturing capabilities, and more.

Real-World Data

From diagnoses to drugs, procedures to test results, and the care provided by their HCPs, real-world data provides insights that can drive patient-focused strategies.

How We Help

Data Feeds

Save time and effort with our custom data feeds when you want to augment or drill down on specific pharma and biotech datasets. Get the exact data and analyses you need, integrated smoothly into your data warehouse and workflows.

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