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Evaluate Launches CDMO Intelligence Solution to Support Rapidly Expanding Pharmaceutical CDMO Market

London, UK and Boston, MA – 3rd October 2023: Evaluate, a Norstella company, has announced today the launch of its CDMO Intelligence solution. It will provide contract development and manufacturing organisations (CDMOs), biopharma companies and financial firms with comprehensive and unbiased market intelligence to make informed decisions and optimise long term strategies in the complex and rapidly expanding pharmaceutical CDMO market.

According to Evaluate, the pharmaceutical CDMO market is expected to grow at an annualised 7.29% from 2023 to 2028, with biotech’s expansion set to boost this further. A key driver of this growth comes from the gene and cell therapy arena, which is set to grow at an annualised rate of over 20% in that timeframe.

CDMOs seeking to grow their businesses through partnerships with pharma and biotech companies need to ensure that they can differentiate themselves from their competition. They also need to have a clear view of R&D pipelines, the future market potential and commercial viability for drugs so they can prioritise and invest in partnerships, and assets and technologies that will contribute to long term business development plans.

Mike Gallup, CEO of Norstella said: “Establishing trusted partnerships with pharma and biotech companies early on in the drug development lifecycle is critical for CDMOs seeking to build financially stable businesses that play a vital role in putting innovative therapies into the hands of patients in a highly dynamic market.”

Market intelligence, key account analysis and effective demand planning will become increasingly important as CDMOs strive to identify growth opportunities, make strategic decisions about investment required in services, facilities and capabilities to enhance competitive edge, and to meet business critical demand for capacity, speed and quality of delivery.

“The ability to analyse and optimise every facet of the drug development and manufacturing process will be the key to offering highly differentiated and tailored services that attract and secure long-term relationships with biopharma clients,” Gallup added.

“Norstella’s mission is to smooth the path of life-saving therapies to patients, and CDMOs are a critical part of the biopharma ecosystem. These organisations need to be able to balance risk and return, budgets and profitability, project timelines and efficiency across the supply chain. The Evaluate CDMO Intelligence solution supports our mission and will help CDMOs to capitalise on emerging technologies, marrying client expectations with internal capabilities,” he said.

Evaluate’s CDMO Intelligence solution combines CDMO profiles, services, manufacturing and volume forecasts with Evaluate’s biopharma expertise and financial forecast methodologies on approved and pipeline drugs. The data has been engineered to serve CDMOs and their partners, enabling them to more efficiently project revenue on the basis of forecast drug sales, predict the likelihood of regulatory success for pipeline assets, and assess demand alongside future sales volume projections to aid capacity planning.


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