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Evaluate Omnium breaks through the limitations of conventional forecasting with its comprehensive and granular coverage of assets, unrivalled accuracy and multi-dimensional analytics.

By applying machine learning to millions of data points from across the full clinical pipeline – including early phase and privately held assets – Evaluate Omnium identifies key risk and return correlations that uncover unique, highly accurate insights into asset development and commercial opportunity

Unlock deeper insights and make business-critical investment decisions with greater confidence

AI Breaktrough Award

vantage 2022

Predictive machine learning that delivers more accurate forecasts than calculations based on industry average benchmarks..

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The range and scope of product-level information available across Evaluate Omnium transforms strategic portfolio decisions.

Quickly determine which drugs have the best chance of market approval, success and an optimum ROI
Access the most accurate forecasts of product-level risk and return
Project R&D costs, drug pricing and time-to-market in more detail than ever before
Use data visualizations and dashboards to amplify your insight into the commercial potential of early-stage assets


Risk & Return Landscape Overview

Combine risk and return data metrics and landscapes for quick, efficient, side-by-side comparisons based on consistent, proven methodologies. Customise metrics and visualisations, and easily integrate these into existing workflows. 

Risk-Adjusted Peak Sales & ROI Benchmarks

Combine product-specific PTRS and predicted peak sales analytics to provide a single metric for forecasting the commercial potential of different pharma assets across all phases of clinical development. Predict ROI at product indication, product and company level.

NPV for R&D Programmes and Marketed Products

Leverage NPV by indication that covers 8x more NPV models for R&D programmes that aren't usually covered by existing consensus forecasts. Improve your understanding of product value drivers. 


Predictive Insights and Visualisations

  • Analogue Miner:
    Identify similar R&D programmes in the pipeline based on  your own defined criteria.
  • Predicted Repurposing Potential:
    Understand the number of products in the pipeline by phase, by PTRS and by anticipated approval year. Visualise future anticipated pipeline shifts and plan portfolio decisions.
  • Benchmark Builder:
    Build custom benchmarks to manage portfolio and R&D risk based on a fully customisable lens. Identify potential products that succeeded or failed based on portfolio criteria to inform strategic development decisions.
  • Company Screening:
    Prioritise companies based on scouting needs; and compare companies by certain portfolio attributes.


Success Rates

Identify which in-house and competitor drugs are most likely to reach the market successfully. Proprietary algorithms, powered by machine learning, enable cross-comparison across products and indications to better balance portfolio risk across a range of attributes:

  • Product-specific:
    US and EU PTRS predictions based on the analysis of over 43,000 phase transitions that identified 50+ attributes shown to have a high impact on market entry risk.
  • Risk audits:
    Fully transparent analyses of the key factors that impact a specific product's risk profile.
  • Success rate benchmarks:
    PTRS benchmarks based on industry, indication, mechanism of action, and technology historical transition rates.

Development Timelines

Predict when key development milestones will occur for US and EU pipeline programs - enabling comparison of progress against competitors and highlighting products with first in class potential. Includes: time-in-phase predictions, recruitment timeline benchmarks, filing and launch date predictions, and market entry order predictions.

Calendar of Events

Track critical product lifecycle and company events, such as trial initiations, regulatory decisions and financial results. 

R&D Costs

Assess likely costs across the development cycle with the industry s first comprehensive clinical trial costing model, which applies real-world data to over 50,000 trials. Includes: estimated, product-level trial costs for past and current clinical trials; future R&D cost predictions by product and phase; and industry benchmarks by indication.

Clinical Trials landscape

Track clinical trials from three key industry sources (CT.gov, EudraCT and Japanese trials); fully understand company development plans and pipelines; identify historical and future trial trends; understand competition in the trial landscape; and monitor trial life cycle by indication.

Predictive Trial Design & Outcomes

Predict the future patient enrolment needed to successfully complete clinical development, alongside historical benchmarks by phase and indication. Access aggregated and standardised trial outcomes for indications and products, updated daily.


Predicted Peak Sales

Predict the value of key R&D assets with an independent 
and balanced view, including:

  • US peak sales predictions for all products and indications in development, with 8 x more US coverage than consensus.
  • EU5 (UK, Germany, Italy, France and Spain) country specific peak sales predictions for all products and indications in development, with majority not covered by consensus.
  • Extrapolation of US sales to Rest of World to give a global view.
  • Indication benchmarks to put peak predictions in market context.
  • Interactive visualisations that show the positive or negative impact of individual product attributes on peak sales forecasts, and how changing attribute values affects the product outlook.
  • YoY peak sales predictions with the time when the asset reaches peak sales and when it reaches 80% peak sales.

Market Dynamics

Assess market impact and inform product launch planning. 

  • USA time-to-peak benchmarks by indication.
  • Market exclusivity impact and expiry. 
  • Time-to-peak values for historically launched products.

Unmet Needs

Rank or compare indications to better focus portfolio investments on areas with the greatest impact to patients, using a tool that quantifies and standardises the degree of unmet need within an indication.

Market Access

Identify the current market access position for products launched in the US, with benchmarks that help assess the implications and opportunities for products in development.

  • Formulary access scores for approved products, with  additional granularity into the differences between  public and private payer scoring.
  • Benchmarks by EPhMRA codes, technology and  mechanism of action.


Streamline research and inform pricing strategies. 

  • Comprehensive and clear overview of all the different drug price points across the value chain (e.g., gross pricing, WAC pricing, discounts, rebates, etc.).
  • Current cost-per-patient for launched products.
  • Benchmarks for annual cost-per-patient by indication and technology.
  • Power pricing landscape visualisation at product level; and historical and future pricing changes.

Evaluate’s methodology is well-documented and
transparent, which lets me understand where their
numbers are coming from. As a result, I can speak about
their data with conviction.

Director, Business Insights and Market Development, Large Global CRO

Evaluate Omnium is one of the most robust offerings
for commercial sales data, probability of success and
time-in-phase data in a single platform. We recently
completed an R&D forecasting project and couldn’t have
done the work without it.

Director, R&D Strategy and Operations, Large Pharma

Evaluate Omnium is the key piece of our Evaluate
subscription. The highly granular PTRS benchmarks
allow us to use specific numbers in work and not depend
on broad benchmarks from other source. We believe
that Evaluate is the best provider of this data.

Senior Investment Officer, VC/PE Firm

I have really come to understand the benefit of
using Evaluate Omnium over competing products.
The amount of information they make available is
amazing. Omnium is outstanding.

Research Planning & Coordination Dept., Large Pharma

Transform Decision-Making
Across The Full Pipeline Landscape

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