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Consensus forecasts is the most relied upon external method of forecasting in the pharma market

Our unique connection between consensus forecasts and pipelines enables users to analyse forecasts at indication, therapeutic area, and mechanism of action levels.

Most of all, it is the accuracy of Evaluate Pharma's consensus forecasts that gives our users confidence in the daily commercial, operational and financial decisions they make across their pharma portfolios.

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Our consensus and archived forecasts de-risk decisions

Evaluate Pharma providers users with 12,500 consensus forecasts to 2028, and the most comprehensive coverage of drug sales at an indication level with 6,000 worldwide and US consensus forecasts. Our unique historical archive spans 1.5m+ consensus forecasts of 10,000 products dating back to 2003.

We enable users to identify outliers, trends and potential under- or over-forecasting for an indication over time, therefore providing the ability to mitigate inherent flaws and refine forecasting models.​

Evaluate Pharma is constantly evolving to stay ahead

The roadmap that guides Evaluate Pharma's evolution is influenced by our Client Advisory Board, which is made up of representatives from large and small pharma, biotech, academia and industry experts.

Their direct input helps us answer unmet client need and assists us in ensuring you have access to the most relevant, most accurate, most timely commercial data available. We are often copied, but never beaten.

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Trusted by all of the largest pharma companies, investment banks and consultancies

Our consensus forecasts are the benchmark for users in every one of the world’s 25 biggest pharma companies, including users in 47 of the top 50. These 47 made up 82% of worldwide prescription sales in 2020.

Our users trust Evaluate Pharma to align them around a single version of the truth, future goals and objectives and measures of market and business performance.

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Comparison of product features between Evaluate Pharma and Evaluate Omnium


Consensus Forecasts

Our deep industry knowledge and analytical expertise allow us to create the highest quality consensus forecasts and give our clients solid benchmarks for their strategic decisions.

Data Visualisation Dashboards

Archived Consensus Forecasts

Unique to the market as the largest back catalogue of consensus drug forecasts, Evaluate's archived consensus forecasts cover 1.5m+ forecasts across 10,000+ drugs, dated back to January 2003. Analyse drug progression across monthly archives and use it in coordination with EventAnalyzer to understand the news events that led to consensus forecast changes.

Deals & Patents

Track thousands of deals by company, product, therapy area, compound phase, deal value and much more. Evaluate maintains historic deal data as well as venture financing and IPO information across pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Analyse, in conjunction, key patent expiration dates and the worldwide and US sales at risk.

Country Profiles

News & Press Releases

Company Financials & Financing

Includes financial metrics by company: aggregated profit and loss to 2028, CAGRs ranked, comparison by reported income.

Event Analyzer & Calendar of Events

Event Analyzer is a daily and weekly round-up of the stock price winners and losers and the underlying news events impacting the pharmaceutical and biotech company share prices and valuations.

Calendar of Events offers daily insights and email alerts with insight into future critical events related to a product's life cycle and provides company guidance around development and regulatory timelines.

Sales by Indication

Success Rates & R&D Costs

Evaluate Omnium's success rates predict which in-house or competitor drugs are most likely to reach the market, so you can compare risk levels across products or indications. Includes product-specific probability of technical and regulatory success (PTRS), fully transparent risk audits and success rate benchmarks.

Our R&D costs provides the industry’s first comprehensive clinical trial costing model, applying real-world data to over 50,000 trials, so you can better assess likely costs across the development cycle. Includes estimated, product-level trial costs for past and current clinical trials, future R&D cost predictions and industry benchmarks by indication.

NPV (Net Present Value) Analyzer

Calculates a product’s Net Present Value (NPV) using an interactive model based on discounted cash flow models to 2040 for over 6,000 products, with editable inputs so you can create custom models.

Evaluate Omnium NPV Analyzer model also extends to the indication level, with increased granularity on inputs and cashflow by indication, improving your understanding of product value drivers.

Pricing & Market Access

Evaluate Omnium aggregates key pricing data, so you have easy access to consolidated, standardised US pack pricing for approved products, current cost-per-patient values for launched products and benchmarks for annual cost-per-patient by indication and technology.

Our Market Access data provides unique formulary access scores to help you identify the current market access position for products launched in the US, with benchmarks by EphMRA code, technology and mechanism of action.

Market Dynamics

Provides time-to-peak analysis so you can better assess a drug’s market impact or improve product launch planning. Includes US time-to-peak benchmarks by indication, market exclusivity impact and time-to-peak values for historically launched drugs.

Development Timelines

Predicts when key development milestones will occur, so you can track progress against competitors or highlight products with first-in-class potential. Includes time-in-phase, launch date and market entry order predictions, as well as recruitment timeline benchmarks.

Clinical Trials & Predictive Clinical Trial Design

Tracks and integrates clinical trials from three key industry sources alongside key commercial insights, so you can fully understand company development plans and pipelines.

Our predictive clinical trial design anticipates future patient enrolment needed to successfully complete clinical development, so you can determine trial resources needed, alongside historical benchmarks by phase and indication.

Clinical Outcomes

Aggregates and standardises clinical trial outcomes for indications and products so you can stay informed on trial results, updated daily and focused on the indication-specific endpoints most likely to lead to regulatory approval.

Predicted & Risk-Adjusted Peak Sales

Predicted peak sales delivers an independent, balanced view of asset potential with comprehensive coverage across all phases of the clinical lifecycle, including early-stage and privately-owned drugs, so you can identify the products with the greatest commercial potential.

Risk-adjusted peak sales combine improved accuracy of our Product Specific PTRS with Predicted Peak Sales analytics, so you have a single metric for forecasting the commercial potential of pharma assets across all phases of clinical development.

Unmet Needs

Quantifies and compares the degree of unmet need across indications, so you can better focus portfolio investments on therapeutic areas that could have the greatest impact to patients.

Many of Genentech's products have multiple indications, so Evaluate's sales by indication gives us unique insight into what is driving sales or growth of a product, and saves us significant time.

Marketing Science Manager, Genentech

Evaluate is such an important resource for us; it makes all of our lives easier when we can find the information we need in ten minutes in Evaluate, rather than spending 24 - 48 hours manually searching.


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