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Reduce the cost, time and risk of making strategic decisions.

Evaluate Pharma gives you a comprehensive understanding of the global pharmaceutical industry’s past, present and future performance. With over two decades of commercial data and consensus forecasts to 2026, you get a
seamless 25-year view of the commercial issues driving the sector. 

From an overview of the broader market to a detailed product or company analysis, Evaluate Pharma’s integrated platform is designed to take you from exploration to full understanding as quickly and accurately as possible. A series of powerful, interactive dashboards help you accelerate common tasks like market landscaping, exploring market dynamics and analyzing portfolios, so you can focus on the strategic decisions that matter.

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Consensus forecasts to 2026

Our deep industry knowledge and analytical expertise allow us to create the highest quality consensus forecasts and give our clients solid benchmarks for their strategic decisions.

Our industry leading broker coverage lets us go deeper than our competitors. With both historic and forecast sales broken down by indication, you can understand the indication-specific dynamics of each market.

Company financials

Our extensive company-level financial information – both historic and forecast – lets you understand the leading companies in the industry in terms of their revenues and profits. Financials include profit and loss (reported and normalised), balance sheet and cash flow information, as well as valuation measures.

Our historic and forecast company models also cover product sales, therapy area sales, pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical segments and portfolio performance.

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Portfolio and pipeline analysis

We cover R&D pipeline information at each stage of the process, from research and development to filed and approved. You can cut the data with multiple lenses including phase, indication, therapy area, mechanism of action, company and technology – building a customised view of the development landscape.

You can also see the history of regulatory approvals, including FDA (USA), EMA (EU), PMDA (Japan) and ANVISA (Brazil), and key patent expiration dates.


We offer comprehensive coverage of M&A, licensing, venture financing and IPO deals in the pharmaceutical and biotech space. You can track and benchmark deals by product classification (phase of development, therapy area, technology and phase of compounds) and review deal values, upfront payments, royalties and co-promotions.

You can also evaluate any company’s M&A record, tracking the progress of their products after acquisition.

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Archived Forecasts

We have the largest back catalogue of consensus drug forecasts: 485,000 forecasts covering 11,000+ drugs since January 2003, including a monthly archive of Evaluate’s consensus forecasts so you can see changes versus the current forecast.

We provide unique insight into equity analysts’ changing sales expectations through a drug’s life cycle. Combined with news events and Event Analyzer, we give you real-world information to monitor a drug’s progression and understand changes in its forecast commercial potential.


Our EventAnalyzer reveals the news events that affect pharmaceutical and biotech company share prices and valuations. News events are curated and categorised by event type, including clinical trial results, regulatory decisions, competitor announcements, financial results, patent litigation and broker sentiment.

We calculate the share price and market capitalisation change for each event, and keep you up to date with daily and weekly round-ups of stock price winners and losers.

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Many of Genentech's products have multiple indications, so Evaluate's sales by indication gives us unique insight into what is driving sales or growth of a product, and saves us significant time.

Marketing Science Manager, Genentech

Evaluate is such an important resource for us; it makes all of our lives easier when we can find the information we need in ten minutes in Evaluate, rather than spending 24 - 48 hours manually searching.