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CDMO Focus: Three Areas to Drive Success

CDMOs (Contract Development and Manufacturing Organisations) are key players in the biopharma market, playing a vital role in translating science into medicines that change people’s lives.

Almost all pharma and biotech companies rely on CDMO services to some extent, whether that’s for clinical trials or huge marketed drugs. However, CDMOs view the market through a different lens to their partners in the drug development world, focusing on technology rather than indication. This leads to a unique challenge for those tasked with long-term strategy. It means that planning requires more than a clear view of the R&D pipeline, cutting-edge technologies and patient populations – the clients’ world. It also needs an understanding of the wider CDMO landscape and their specific position in it.

Like any manufacturing business, any project that a CDMO takes on is a balance between risk, opportunity, and barriers to entry. The prize? Potentially being a key player in the next blockbuster therapy. But finding the right balance for your business is not a straightforward task. Here are three areas that CDMOs need to focus on to ensure they identify the strategy that will deliver the right partners and projects.

  1. Competitive Intelligence: Staying Ahead of the Curve
    The competitive landscape is everything. Unlike the biopharma world, where a great deal of information must be disclosed, CDMOs operate in a far more closed environment. Press releases will trumpet the good news and important deals, but the nuts and bolts of your competitors’ capabilities and facilities are not easily accessible. And yet, you must understand how to position your business against competitors so you can bid effectively. You may also need to be able to identify potential partners who will fill gaps in your own capabilities, such as facilities in additional locations.The ability to gather comprehensive competitive intelligence to make informed strategic decisions is vital. Proactive competitive intelligence enables CDMOs to stay ahead of the curve and adapt long-term strategies, partnership planning and tactical approaches.
  2. Key Account Analysis: Building Strong Relationships for Success
    Understanding your competitive environment is vital, but you’ve also got to really get to grips with your prospective customers so you can focus your business development efforts on the companies whose needs you can best meet. Key account analysis involves understanding the unique needs and goals of these accounts and developing tailored strategies to meet their specific requirements.As well as enabling you to focus on the right deals, key account analysis also helps to ensure you can structure deals in the right way. Understanding a prospect’s current outsourcing strategy – such as what proportion of manufacturing is outsourced and the services and partners currently used provides a strong foundation for building an appealing deal.
  3. Demand Planning: What’s the size of the prize?
    Effective demand planning is essential for CDMOs to optimise their resources and meet the evolving needs of their biopharma clients. CDMOs need to implement robust demand planning processes that encompass accurate forecasting, efficient capacity management, and optimised inventory levels. This means detailed volume forecasting which incorporates demand forecasts based on probability of technical and regulatory success (PTRS) as well as more general sales forecasts. Critically, this planning needs a view by technology or active ingredient, not indication in order to create accurate forecasts.

CDMO Intelligence offers a time-saving, comprehensive solution. Our new platform provides thorough CDMO screening, molecular landscape insights, detailed manufacturing capabilities, and accurate volume forecasts. By leveraging our extensive data and Evaluate’s gold standard financial forecast methodologies on approved and pipeline drugs, you can optimise your strategy, make well-informed decisions, and gain a competitive advantage based on a trusted, holistic view of the market.

Transform your decision making with comprehensive market landscape insight. Speak to our team.


Vincent Spurr

Manager, Solution Consulting, Citeline


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