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Sneak Peek at Our 2024 Preview Webinar

Fortunately, the annual Preview report that we publish at Evaluate is based on our consensus forecasting data. While that doesn’t guarantee accuracy – in the current market, guarantees are hard to come by – it does mean that the insight we share is based on some pretty solid data.
The 2024 Preview report was published in December, and this year I’m delighted to be taking part in a webinar in which I and my colleagues, Daniel Chancellor and Melody Marden, will be discussing some of the key data points. It’s always fascinating to look at the various top 10 lists and see what’s changed, what’s remained consistent and where the uncertainties lie.
One of the challenges of looking at data like this is that things are constantly changing. Although the data for the report were only pulled from our platform a few weeks ago, we’re already seeing a few shifts in the list of the top 10 drugs, for example. We’ll talk about a few of these changes and what’s driven them in the session.
An area that is always a hot topic is the anticipated launches of the year. While the drugs in this list are always at a late stage in the development and approvals process, nothing is ever certain until the regulators have applied their rubber stamps – and even then commercial success is still not guaranteed. However, in our “biggest potential launches” list, it’s good to see the top spots taken by drugs to treat conditions with huge unmet need, such as NASH, Alzheimer’s and Schizophrenia. The last of those falling into my main area of interest – neurology.
There is a lot we will try to cover in the webinar. I’m going to focus on the data and we’ll all discuss some of the drivers, market trends and headwinds that have led to the current positions of some of the drugs and companies on our lists. Daniel, Melody and I will try to answer as many questions as possible so please do ask questions if you’re able to join.
There’s still plenty to prepare, but I’m looking forward to the webinar on 31st Jan and I hope to see you there.


Tsz Tsang, Ph.D

Consulting & Analytics, Prinicpal & Global Delivery Lead


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