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US Health Systems: A Driving Force for Digital Health


The US Healthcare system is a vast, unwieldy beast that requires significant navigation by any company in the healthcare space. Whether you’re a Big Pharma, a small biotech or an innovative digital health developer, access to this market (and its payers) is likely to be make or break for your business. This, in a nutshell, […]

Next Generation Dealmaking with Evaluate and Inpart


Dealmaking is a hallmark of the pharma industry. Whether to access innovative therapies, expand into new areas or fill a gap left from a failure in the clinic, pipelines need regular topping up to ensure companies can deliver long-term growth in the face of new competition, and loss of exclusivity. At Evaluate, we work closely […]

Meet the Evaluate Team: Markella Kordoyanni

team meeting photo

Markella is part of Evaluate’s competitive intelligence (CI) consulting practice, where she works on a wide range of projects to support CI teams in pharma companies to ensure they stay on top of the latest developments and are able to deliver timely insights to their stakeholders. I caught up with Markella to learn about what […]

Competitive Intelligence Insights: Cell & Gene Therapy


The number of cell and gene therapy (C&GT)-based treatments in development has increased significantly over the last two decades and can be expected to continue, driven by the modality-specific market potential and the breadth of applicability across indications. For competitive intelligence teams tasked with staying on top of this complex and dynamic market, there is […]

2023 in Digital Health: Four Trends Driving Transformation


2023 is a year that many in the pharma market will be happy to see the back of, and the digital health ecosystem is no exception. Some of this can be attributed to the growing pains of a young-ish market and some to the macroeconomic climate resulting in a scarcity of funding. Whatever the causes, […]

In Case You Missed It: Three Things We Learned in Our 2024 Preview Webinar


Our focus was on the 2024 Preview, our annual report that looks at the top drugs, companies, potential launches and much more for the year ahead. In the webinar, our team talked through some of the highlights and discussed some of the stories behind the data, with a view to what it means for pharma […]

Sneak Peek at Our 2024 Preview Webinar


Fortunately, the annual Preview report that we publish at Evaluate is based on our consensus forecasting data. While that doesn’t guarantee accuracy – in the current market, guarantees are hard to come by – it does mean that the insight we share is based on some pretty solid data. The 2024 Preview report was published […]

Competitive Intelligence and the Quest for the Single Source of Truth


What’s in your competitor’s pipeline? How are their trials progressing? Who is on the cusp of a merger that will increase their funding and how will this impact your business? Continuous monitoring of the market landscape is the bread and butter of a CI professional and you can’t afford to miss anything that may impact […]

Knowledge and Insights: The Power of Real-World Data


Buzzwords in the life sciences industry – there are many: Artificial Intelligence (AI), Gen AI, Machine Learning (ML), digital health, and real-world data (RWD)/real world evidence (RWE). All are vast, complex areas with notable potential to impact our clients and the industry overall – across the continuum of the product lifecycle, spanning clinical and commercial […]

2024 Preview: Are We There Yet?


After a year in which investor sentiment went from bad to worse, 2024 has started on a more positive note. Last week’s JP Morgan conference saw a flurry of partnership and acquisition announcements, building on the last couple of weeks of December which saw 2023’s deal making end with a bang. If the end is […]