300 million people around the world live with a rare disease. This perhaps explains the seemingly endless growth of orphan drugs and the forecasted $300bn market by 2028. 

Is this growth set to continue? Well, in the short term, yes. Longer term? Perhaps not. However, between now and 2028, Evaluate Pharma forecasts growth of close to 12% compared to around 7% for the wider market, so there is still much to consider. 

In our latest focused report on orphan drugs we dig into the companies, drugs and therapy areas that are fuelling this growth, and look at what’s in the pipeline for the coming years. 

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Which big players are set to gain ground in the competitive orphan space?
Will factors such as the impending patent cliff and the Inflation Reduction Act slow orphan’s growth?
Which modalities will dominate the biggest selling drugs in 2028?
Which therapy areas will take the biggest slice of the orphan pie in the next decade?