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2023 in Digital Health: Four Trends Driving Transformation


2023 is a year that many in the pharma market will be happy to see the back of, and the digital health ecosystem is no exception. Some of this can be attributed to the growing pains of a young-ish market and some to the macroeconomic climate resulting in a scarcity of funding. Whatever the causes, […]

Revolutionising Pharma: Unveiling the Role of Digital Health in Biopharma Giants


While the rewards for successfully developing a new therapy can be measured in billions, the R&D costs and the risk are also sky-high. It’s hardly surprising, then, that efficiency is one of the key targets for many of the digital health and AI tools in the pharma sphere. It also, therefore, makes sense that it’s […]

The Potential of Generative AI in the Digital Health Space


The use of AI in healthcare offers tremendous possibilities – as well as almost unprecedented levels of hype. Understanding where the real opportunities lie requires a clear view of the current state of the market and a grasp of the technologies that are on the horizon. It is still relatively early days in the journey […]

Digital Health and Biopharma: Different but the Same


Digital health may be the new(ish) kid on the block of the wider pharma landscape, but in the past year or so it’s been through a pretty rapid maturity process. As with many relatively young markets, the digital health ecosystem is extremely fragmented, very fast moving and vulnerable to both excessive enthusiasm and punishing resets […]

Patient Centricity: The Unexpected Legacy of COVID-19


The world is a long way from understanding the true and far-reaching legacy of Covid-19. While debate regarding the handling of the pandemic will continue, there are areas where the impact has been more positive. Digital health tools and telehealth were already on the rise, but Covid-19 provided a catalyst, propelling innovation and adoption forward, […]