World Preview 2023 Webinar: Pharma's Age of Uncertainty

Get the latest on the state of biopharma

Watch as industry expert and author of the World Preview 2023, Melanie Senior, and Evaluate consultants Paul Verdin and Dan Chancellor decode the seismic shifts that lie ahead for pharma and biotech.

Get insights on the forces of uncertainty that are shaping the landscape out to 2028 and beyond and dig into the latest Evaluate forecasts out to 2028. We ask:

  1. What’s the likely impact of the Inflation Reduction Act on drug pipelines, dealmaking and pricing? And how are other regions implementing price controls?
  2. What commercial shifts will we see due to the IRA, FTC and the looming patent cliff?
  3. What are the top drugs, players and drivers of growth over the coming years?

Industry trends

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