Evaluate Vantage 2020 Preview


The Evaluate Vantage 2020 Preview predicts a rocky year ahead, with areas of significant growth contrasting with investor uncertainty.

The industry closed 2019 with a flourish, and areas like cancer, vaccines and diabetes are poised to continue this with strong sales in 2020.
However, the wider sector will need to deliver on its innovation promises next year if it hopes to rise above wider economic and financial concerns.  

Report Highlights

•    The US political scene and issues around drug pricing are driving investor uncertainty 

•    There are few signs that the US FDA’s industry-friendly stance will substantially shift next year

•    Abbvie’s Humira is expected to be 2020’s biggest seller, but Merck & Co’s Keytruda has the strongest forecast growth.

•    Trastuzumab deruxtecan (Daiichi Sankyo / AstraZeneca) is 2020’s most lucrative potential approval, with forecast sales of over $2bn in 2024

•    AstraZeneca will be the fastest growing drug company in 2020, projected to add over $3bn in new sales


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