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Analysis: Which Pharma Companies are Making Their Money Work?
As pharmaceutical companies decide how to allocate cash to ensure a steady flow of new treatments, how much of their revenue should go back into research and development, and how much into acquiring promising startups? The challenge is to ensure that...
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The 2024 Freshness Index: Who Needs To Freshen Up?
To keep revenue flowing, Big Pharma companies must continuously introduce new therapies to replace older drugs with expiring patents. What’s the current landscape, and how might it shift going forward? Evaluate’s 2024 Freshness Index looks at the proportion...
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Evaluating Radiopharmaceuticals
Radiopharmaceuticals have lit up – possibly even sparking more interest than antibody-drug conjugates, which have seen significant M&A activity in recent months. Strong data from Novartis’ oncology treatments, Lutathera and Pluvicto, coupled...
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