Evaluate Vantage Biopharma and Venture Capital: A Deep Dive


The sheer amount of private capital available to young drug developers the last few years is nothing new, however the Covid-19 pandemic has brought about an unprecedented influx of new money into biopharma.

How permanent will these new funds prove; is biopharma's importance and attributes finally being realised by investors, governments and society more widely? Or is biopharma exposed to potential over-investment and where does the associated risk lie?

Download the report for a detailed look into emerging trends and top line analysis into where the money is being spent.

Some highlights from the report include:

  • Mean and median investment round sizes hit at least a five year high in 2020,
  • Companies working on cancer treatments amassed 46% of funds raised in 2020,
  • Sums raised in endocrine and metabolic space have halved over the past five year,
  • The average size of an investment round for monoclonal antibody and cell / gene therapy developers has more than doubled in the past five years.

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