Asco 2022 – early focus settles on Adicet

Among thousands of abstract titles for the upcoming Asco meeting that were revealed yesterday some biotech investors have zeroed in on one dataset in particular: Adicet’s phase 1 Glean-1 study of ADI-001. Adicet had soared when the data, toplined in December, provided the first clinical evidence that Car-modified gamma-delta T cells could take heavily pretreated patients into remission; the shares closed up 7% yesterday. It will be crucial for this dataset, initially comprising just four lymphoma subjects, to hold up to full scrutiny when it is unveiled on May 26, when all abstracts go live, before being discussed at an Asco oral session on June 6. Meanwhile, bigger datasets that have caught the Asco limelight include Enhertu’s Destiny-Breast04 data, which delivered a knockout result in Her2-low breast cancer in February and has secured an Asco late-breaker. Another late-breaker features Gilead’s Tropics-02 study of Trodelvy, also in breast cancer. However, huge doubts surround this result, given Gilead’s reluctance to reveal substantial information about it and Enhertu’s potential to squeeze Trodelvy’s potential market. All will be revealed at Asco.

Selected Asco 2022 presentations
Project Mechanism Company Setting Vantage background
Prominent biopharma datasets
Enhertu Anti-Her2 ADC Astrazeneca/Daiichi Sankyo Destiny-Breast04 study (plenary late-breaker) Enhertu tightens its stranglehold
Trodelvy  Anti-Trop2 MAb Gilead Tropics-02 study (late-breaker) Gilead’s Tropics readout makes investors sweat
Patritumab deruxtecan Anti-Her3 ADC Amgen/Daiichi Sankyo Her3+ve breast cancer Low-profile asset, acquired by Daiichi in 2008 from U3 Pharma; data at Asco & Esmo 2021
Tislelizumab Anti-PD-1 MAb Beigene Rationale-309 study (plenary) How Gal appointment could influence strategy at Novartis
Cell therapy oral sessions
ADI-001  Anti-CD20 Car-gamma-delta Adicet B-cell malignancies Adicet scores the first hit for gamma-delta
OriCAR-017 Anti-GPRC5D Car-T Oricell Multiple myeloma Ash 2020 – multiple myeloma goes beyond BCMA
GC012F Anti-BCMA/CD19 Car-T Gracell Multiple myeloma Ash 2021 – the sun sets on Kymriah, but Novartis has a plan
CART-ddBCMA Anti-BCMA Car-T Arcellx Multiple myeloma
Lete-cel Anti-NY-ESO-1 TCR Adaptimmune/GSK Myxoid/round cell liposarcoma Glaxo picks Adaptimmune over Immunocore
TAEST16001 Anti-NY-ESO-1 TCR Guangzhou Institute Soft tissue sarcoma
Source: Asco.

Evaluate Vantage will report from Asco, which takes place in Chicago on June 3-7.

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