Biopharma and Medtech Review 2022

Evaluate Vantage’s 2022 review, published today and free to download, unpacks the trends that drove business development decisions and financing deals across the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medtech sectors last year. Frankly, the year was a bleak one. Sentiment on the stock markets went from bad to worse, with listed companies tending to shed value rather than build it. Venture funding held up in medtech, albeit with a downturn towards the end of the year, but fell in the biopharma sphere, the downturn in IPOs having convinced investors of the difficulty of exiting their companies. Only 19 therapeutic and just five device makers floated last year, according to Evaluate Pharma and Evaluate Medtech, data from which underpin this report. On the M&A side, the biopharma and medtech sectors saw one big deal each towards the end of the year, just about bringing the total spend up to respectable levels. The FDA has slowed down too, with 42 new drugs and 46 innovative devices – both down on the prior year – reaching the US market. For a deeper dive into these insights and more download the report for free: Biopharma and Medtech Review 2022.

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