Healthineers launches antibody test to track immunity

It is a distinct possibility that the next few months will see the advent of an effective vaccine for Covid-19. It is therefore vital that technologies exist to track any vaccine’s long-term effects in terms of immunity to reinfection. With this in mind Siemens Healthineers has today CE marked and launched in Europe its COV2G antibody test for the expanded use of reporting quantitative levels of neutralising antibodies in a patient’s blood sample. Healthineers has also filed for a US EUA for this new use – if this succeeds the assay would be the second authorised by the FDA specifically to detect neutralising antibodies, but the first to do so quantitatively. COV2G launched in summer as a semi-quantitative test, able to estimate antibody levels, but can now measure them directly. Repeated testing can thus give an insight into how well a patient might be able to repel subsequent Covid-19 infections. Doing this on a population level will help inform whether broad vaccination programmes are working. Speaking on a conference call today, Deepak Nath, president of laboratory diagnostics at Healthineers, said that the pricing of the assay would depend on individual contracts with suppliers, but would be competitive with other antibody tests.

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