Indivior salvages what it can with generic launch

Indivior has bowed to the inevitable and launched, in partnership with Sandoz, a generic version of its own blockbuster opioid addiction drug Suboxone Film in the US – the day after the US Supreme Court handed down a ruling allowing Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories to put out its own copycat. In December Indivior had said it would launch an authorised generic of the drug as soon as a competitor brought out a copycat version, in an attempt to capture at least some of the generic market. It said that its authorised generic could bring in tens of millions of dollars. The Suboxone Film has been the subject of much legal wrangling, with groups including Teva and Mylan also seeking to launch copies. The Supreme Court verdict now leaves them free to do so. The US, in the grip of an opioid addiction crisis, is the main market for Suboxone Film, with sales there making up around 90% of the drug’s global revenues. Indivior’s shares were down 11% yesterday, but the stock had already lost three quarters of its value since the FDA approved Dr. Reddy’s and Mylan’s generics last June.

Forecast sales for Indivior's Suboxone Film ($m) 
Territory 2018e 2020e 2022e 2024e
USA 744 159 136 112
RoW 83 61 54 48
WW 828 221 190 159
Source: EvaluatePharma.

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