GSK moves ahead of Roche in the Tim3 race

While the Tim3 race has Novartis’s sabatolimab as the technical leader in phase 3, Roche’s RG7769 is the asset many had been watching. Today GSK made a bid to jump ahead, saying its own Tim3 MAb, cobolimab, had met criteria enabling it to begin the pivotal portion of the phase 2/3 Costar trial. Not only that, but in March Roche quietly discontinued enrolment into the RG7769 cohort of a combo study, suggesting that this asset, a bispecific Roche had prioritised last year, has been shelved. Cobolimab represents an important pillar of GSK’s tenuous attempt to regain an oncology presence, though little actual data are available to gauge whether this is a smart move. Sabatolimab’s phase 2 readout has been delayed, while Lilly discontinued LY3415233, a Tim3/PD-1 bispecific, in favour of the pure anti-Tim3 asset LY3321367. Costar combines cobolimab with Jemperli in post-PD-(L)1 NSCLC. Today GSK also trumpeted the success of a separate trial, Perla, comparing Jemperli head to head against Merck & Co’s Keytruda in front-line NSCLC. Here too the win is hard to gauge, however, as the primary measure was overall response, no survival data are available, and Perla “was not designed to demonstrate superiority” over Keytruda.

Clinical projects targeting Tim3
Project Company Mechanism Detail
Phase 3
Sabatolimab Novartis Anti-Tim-3 MAb MDS & chronic myelomonocytic leukaemia-2 (ph2 data delayed)
Cobolimab GSK/ Anaptysbio Anti-Tim-3 MAb Costar: Jemperli combo in 2nd-line NSCLC
Phase 2
INCAGN2390 Incyte/ Agenus Anti-Tim-3 MAb Along + combos in endometrial cancer
TQB2618 Sino Anti-Tim-3 MAb Penpulimab combo in nasopharyngeal carcinoma
RO7121661/ RG7769 Roche Anti-Tim-3 x PD-1 MAb Possibly discontinued (RO7121661 cohort stopped)
Phase 1/2
AZD7789 Astrazeneca Anti-Tim-3 x PD-1 MAb Hodgkin lymphoma & solid tumours
BGB-A425 Beigene Anti-Tim-3 MAb Tislelizumab combo
BMS-986258 Bristol Myers Squibb/ Ono Anti-Tim-3 MAb +/- Opdivo (NB BMS-986299 discontinued)
Phase 1
LY3321367 Lilly Anti-Tim-3 MAb LY3300054 (anti-PD-L1) combo (NB LY3415244 discontinued)
Sym023 Servier (ex Symphogen) Anti-Tim-3 MAb Various combos
SHR-1702 Jiangsu Hengrui Pharmaceuticals Anti-Tim-3 MAb MDS & AML, monoRx
LBL-003 Leads Biolabs Anti-Tim-3 MAb Solid tumours
Source: Evaluate Pharma &

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