Pharmaceutical Intelligence

What are the key challenges
facing players in the pharma market?

Every different type of player in this huge market has a different role to play and faces difference challenges. From matchings sites and investigators to clinical trials, to identifying the next blockbuster with the potential to change millions of lives, there is always a role for data and insight to help make decision making faster and more effective

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Every business operating in the pharma industry is faced with decisions that cost millions or even billions of dollars and the balance between risk and return is a critical one. Research and development is a hugely expensive and time consuming process so understanding which areas to invest in is critical to big pharma and small biotechs alike.

Biotech companies focused on drug discovery are the lifeblood of the industry but the costs and resources associated with developing new treatments require heavy investment from both private and public equity. To achieve this investment and secure the future of their pharmaceutical business, it’s critical to have accurate, timely data that will demonstrate the likelihood of success in any given therapeutic area

Big pharma companies are constantly battling to maintain a strong pipeline to ensure long-term success. As patents on previous blockbusters expire and generics flood the market, constant access to trial and market intelligence is required to fill gaps, enable growth and boost share price.

Regardless of your role in the global pharmaceutical industry, it’s vital to stay on top of the latest news and developments, from FDA approvals, clinical trial readouts, M&A activity and the IPO market. Evaluate Vantage provides award-winning news and analysis for the pharma, biotech and medtech sectors.

How does Evaluate help?

We combine deep industry knowledge and analytical expertise to give you a solid foundation for your strategic decisions.

Over twenty years, we have developed methods to smooth out outlying pharmaceutical data points and differing methodologies, transparently and consistently. So you’ll always be able to understand the data you’re working with and what it means for your business.

To add to our market-leading pharma intelligence delivered through consensus forecasts, break through the limitations of conventional forecasting with comprehensive and granular coverage of assets, unrivalled accuracy and multi-dimensional analytics powered by machine learning.

Machine learning takes into account clinical trial and market intelligence data, R&D costs and development timelines to deliver highly accurate predictions of drug development success, both from commercial and regulatory perspectives.

In addition, we cover the medtech market, looking at device company clinical trials, financial drivers, and drug device company clinical developments.


For pharma and biotech

For pharma and biotech

Evaluate gives you the pharma intelligence and insight you need to drive better decisions.

Our clients include the Top 25 global pharma companies, as well as small to mid-cap pharma and biotechs. Evaluate is relied upon by their commercial teams from business development and licensing to corporate strategy and planning, competitive intelligence, and market analytics.

With solutions suitable for asset screening, market analysis, competitive intelligence and portfolio strategy, Evaluate Pharma reduces the cost, time and risk associated with making strategic decisions.


For financial services and investment teams

For financial services and investment teams

Evaluate gives you the understanding and time you need to drive better decisions.

Our financial clients include the top global investment banks, their mergers and acquisitions advisory teams, private equity and venture capital firms who trust Evaluate to support their investment decision making at every stage.

From market sizing, company screening and identifying potential targets, to portfolio and company valuations and tracking the impact of market events on share price, you can rely on Evaluate analysis and insights throughout the lifecycle of an investment.


For management consultancies

For management consultancies

Evaluate gives you the understanding and time you need to drive better decisions.

Evaluate’s transparent aggregation of the latest commercial analysis means you can use one single source as the basis of the best strategic advice. Get quick and easy access to global and regional market assessments, trends in therapeutic areas, competitor analysis and commercial due diligence with Evaluate Pharma Intelligence datasets and analysis.