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In Case You Missed It: Three Things we Learned in our World Preview Webinar

Evaluate’s annual World Preview report is a must-read for many in the pharma industry. Each year, we pull together some of our key pharma forecasts to build a picture of the future of this ever-changing market, from the biggest drugs and players, to the therapy areas in growth or decline. The report is excellent (not […]

Who’s winning in the battle for efficient capital deployment?

Image of a productivity dial

Over the last ten years, large pharma companies have spent an average of $120bn across R&D and business development investments. The net result? Portfolios worth approximately $210bn, according to Evaluate’s net present value (NPV) methodology. However, within these averages lie dramatically diverging performances, highlighting the challenges of deploying capital efficiently. Overall company performance is heavily […]

What’s Behind Pharma’s Growth Boost?

2030 forecasts

One of the milestones in the Evaluate year is the publication of our annual World Preview report, now in its 17th year. If you’re not familiar with the piece, it’s a deep dive into the state of the biopharma market, using Evaluate’s pharma forecasts to uncover key trends, challenges and drivers of growth (or indeed […]

What’s the Deal? Navigating the Complex World of Pharma Business Development

2024 has the potential to be a year full of partnering opportunities, driven by the much-discussed patent cliff as some of the biggest-selling drugs in history are set to lose exclusivity by 2028. Perhaps as much as 6% of the nearly $1.6 trillion overall drug market might be at risk and while this isn’t Big […]

Themes from BIO Europe


There’s far too much to share in one blog post, but there were three areas that I wanted to summarise as I think they’re a good indicator of the current state of the biopharma market and give us an insight into what we can expect from pharma and biotech in 2024. 1. Dealmaking Increasing competition […]

Quick View: Biopharma Dealmaking in Q3


The first half of the year showed some promise. Did the third quarter continue the trend? Well… If you read our round up of the state of the biopharma market at the halfway point of the year, you may have come away with, if not a spring in your step, then a least a little […]

Late to the Party? Prepare to Pay the Price


I saw a tweet recently asking “in recent years, what has become simultaneously worse and more expensive?”. One wag responded with “life”, but I’d also argue that investing in biopharma companies is a feasible answer. Bear with me. Before the recent slump put a downer on the markets, public and private investors had been backing […]