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Pharma’s Biggest Spenders 2022 Infographic

As several of the big 11 pharma companies dialled back on acquisitions, the collective bill for M&A and R&D activities among this cohort took a dip for the second consecutive year in 2022, even as Pfizer marched on with its spending spree. Their collective expenditure – $157 billion – might be the smallest since 2018, but it’s still a substantial sum when compared to the smaller end of the sector.

So, who were the biggest spenders? We’ve crunched the numbers on the past five years’ worth of investments to reveal which companies kept the deal bankers the busiest.

Digging deeper into R&D trends, we’ve also analysed R&D spending by the world’s largest drug makers. How did 2022 stack up against previous years? Who dug deepest into their pockets? And who sped up their R&D engine the fastest?

Download the infographic to find out.


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