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World Preview 2024 – Pharma’s Growth Boost – Infographic

After an Age of Uncertainty, the pharmaceutical industry is now shifting into a period with more predictable trends, where big pharma continues to focus on big drugs for big diseases.

Evaluate’s latest forecasts are here, giving you the view to 2030. Will obesity still lead the way? Will new modalities and technologies open up fresh possibilities? And with ongoing patent expirations, who will be most affected this decade?

Download the World Preview 2024 Infographic to see what’s on the horizon.

Get insights on:

  • The view to 2030: How big will the market grow?
  • Growth engines: Top-selling products worldwide
  • Industry heavyweights: Top companies by 2030
  • Innovation spend: Global R&D investment
  • Watchlist: Key developments to monitor

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