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World Preview 2024 – Pharma’s Growth Boost – eBook

Last year’s Age of Uncertainty has given way to more predictable realities. Obesity drugs are set to dominate the 2030 forecasts, with more potent compounds, combinations, and oral formulations likely extending their impact into the next decade.

New modalities and technologies continue to open up novel targets and targeting mechanisms. Antibody drug conjugates (ADCs), multi-specific antibodies, RNA-based therapies, gene/cell therapies, and radiopharmaceuticals are all expected to see significant growth by 2030.

Patent expiries are still a feature of the landscape, just like the M&A that can help address them. Pharma acquisitions reached a healthy $124 billion in 2023 and look similarly strong so far in 2024 – bringing welcome news for biotechs.

Pharma cash-piles and expiry pressures should drive even more deals, but pharma is also having to adapt to other realities, including new technologies and the US Inflation Reduction Act, which is now bedding into the landscape.

Let’s dive in, shall we?


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