AACR 2022 – the first biopharma catalysts emerge

Last night’s big reveal from AACR has given biopharma investors the first clues about what to expect from this year’s conference, which starts in New Orleans on April 8. Though apart from posters AACR has published only the abstract titles for now, several look noteworthy, including a clinical update on Affimed’s NK cell engager AFM13, which had wowed last year’s meeting, and a look at human data with Astrazeneca’s son of Lynparza, AZD5305, and PD-1/CTLA-4 bispecific MEDI5752. A few private biotechs will be thrust into the spotlight, with late-breakers (likely featuring preclinical data) from the cell therapy players Elpis Biopharmaceuticals and Myeloid Therapeutics, as well as Caribou Biosciences. An oral clinical presentation will feature TTX-030, an Abbvie-partnered anti-CD39 MAb that Tizona had spun out into the private entity Trishula after Gilead took a 49.9% stake in Tizona. And AACR’s biggest late-stage dataset might be Bristol Myers Squibb’s Checkmate-816 trial of Opdivo plus chemo in neoadjuvant NSCLC, though for many this will have little beyond academic interest: Opdivo secured US approval based on this study last week, just four days after the FDA accepted its filing.

Selected presentations at AACR 2022
Company Project Mechanism Study Abstract
Biontech BNT211 Anti-CLDN6 Car-T CLDN6+ve solid tumours CT002
Affimed NK cells + AFM13 Anti-CD30xCD16A NK cell engager CD30+ve lymphoma CT003
Bayer Elimusertib ATR inhibitor Solid tumours with DDR defects CT006
Astrazeneca AZD5305 Next-gen Parp1 inhibitor Petra trial, Brca1/2, Palb2 or Rad51C/D mut CT007
Bristol Myers Squibb Opdivo Anti-PD-1 + chemo Checkmate-816, neoadj NSCLC CT012
Highlight Therapeutics BO-112 RNAi + Keytruda Spotlight-203, PD-1-refractory melanoma cohort CT014
Trishula/Abbvie TTX-030 Anti-CD39 MAb + chemo 1L gastric/GEJ  CT015
Astrazeneca MEDI5752 Anti-PD-1/CTLA-4 bispecific First-in-human solid tumour study CT016
Genocea GEN-011 Neoantigen-directed T cells Titan-1 study CT153
Bicycle BT8009 Anti-nectin-4 Nectin-4 expressing tumours CT025
C4 CFT7455 IKZF1/3 degrader First-in-human multiple myeloma study CT186
Gracell GC-0502  Allo anti-CD19/CD7 Car-T B-cell ALL CT196
Adaptimmune ADP-A2M4 Anti-Mage-A4 TCR Mage-A4 +ve tumours LB001
Elpis Biopharmaceuticals EPC-001 Fully human anti-CD19/CD22 tandem Car Preclinical LB002
Myeloid Therapeutics ? ATAK receptors, novel Cars Preclinical LB005
Caribou Biosciences CB-011 Allo anti-BCMA Car-T with HLA-E transgene Preclinical LB009
Source: AACR.

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