CTAD 2022 preview – looking beyond lecanemab

November’s Clinical Trials in Alzheimer’s Disease conference just became the hottest ticket in town. And not only for followers of Eisai/Biogen, whose successful phase 3 Clarity AD study of lecanemab will feature on the first day, and of Roche, whose pivotal gantenerumab late-breaker follows the day after. Numerous small biotechs will fight for attention in a market that has suddenly been heated up by the Clarity AD bombshell, including the listed micro caps Nervgen and Cognition Therapeutics. Analysts from B Riley, which has a buy rating on the latter, have already cited its Sigma-2 ligand CT1812 as a beneficiary of lecanemab, largely on the grounds that a rising tide lifts all boats. There will also be a notable showing from private groups, including Taurx, Truebinding, Amyriad, Priavoid, Treeway and Prodrome Sciences. The more intriguing presentations include Lexeo’s LX1001, a gene therapy for Alzheimer’s patients carrying the ApoE4 genotype. Lexeo was set up last year, and has already raised $185m from venture capitalists. With Alzheimer’s froth rising, it is not unreasonable to expect some of these companies to use CTAD as pre-IPO window dressing.

Notable presentations at CTAD 2022
Project Company Study Detail CTAD presentation*
Tuesday 29 November
Lecanemab Eisai/Biogen Clarity AD Toplined positive on 27 Sep 4:50pm
TB006 Truebinding Unclear Anti-Galectin-3 MAb in ph2 Poster
CT1812 Cognition Therapeutics Ph2  Sigma-2 ligand in Lewy body dementia Poster
AD101 Amyriad Clin profile Calcium channel modulator, said to be "ph3 ready" Poster
NE3107 Prodrome Sciences Ph2  In ph3 run by Biovie Poster
AL101 Alector Ph1 Anti-sortilin MAb, ph1 completed Poster
PRI-002 Priavoid Ph1 Anti-Aβ prionic compound, ph1 completed Poster
Wednesday 30 November
ACI-35.030 & JACI-35.064 AC Immune/J&J Ph1/2 Anti-Tau vaccines 11am
Irsenontrine (E2027) Eisai Ph2/3 PDE9 inhibitor in Lewy body dementia 11:15am
Hydromethylthionine mesylate Taurx Interim data Tau aggregation inhibitor 11:30am
Gantenerumab Roche Graduate I Late-breaker, unclear if these data will first be toplined in a press release 4:15pm
Graduate II
Thursday 1 December
Edaravone (TW001) Treeway Unclear Ferrer & Mitsubishi Tanabe have ALS rights; approved for ALS as Radicava ORS in May 2022 10:20am
Friday 2 December
ALZ-801 Alzheon Ph2 biomarker trial Extensively studied homotaurine prodrug 11:45am
NVG-291 Nervgen Ph1 PTP sigma inhibitor 1:30pm
LX1001 Lexeo Ph1 ApoE4 gene therapy 1:50pm
*Timings are shown for oral presentations in Pacific daylight time. Source: CTAD & clinicaltrials.gov.

CTAD takes place in San Francisco and virtually on November 29 to December 2.

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