Esmo 2022 preview – duelling datasets

Most late-breaker titles for Esmo are now disclosed, and in terms of biotech catalysts the upcoming meeting’s regular abstracts cannot be ignored either. In some cases the latter will allow a handy comparison to be made against the former. For instance, investors in Springworks, whose nirogacestat features in a late-breaker, will pay attention to Ayala’s rival gamma-secretase inhibitor AL102, which has a regular Esmo abstract; both datasets concern the niche area of desmoid tumours, but Ayala is worth just $20m, barely 2% of Springworks’ market cap. Data on Daiichi Sankyo’s B7H3-targeted DS-7300, which uses the same ADC technology as Enhertu, will be of interest to Macrogenics investors, while first-in-human results are due from studies of Deciphera’s DCC-3116 and Regeneron’s ubamatamab. An update to results at Esmo 2021 concerns Amgen’s Lumakras in combination with Vectibix in colorectal cancer, while an earlier-stage Kras G12C inhibitor, Roche’s GDC-6036, has phase 1 data. The main course at Esmo for Kras watchers is Mirati’s adagrasib late-breaker, also in colorectal cancer. Indeed, Kras is something of an Esmo theme, with sessions including two satellite and several special symposia.

Selected Esmo 2022 abstracts
Project (company) Study (use) Note Abstract
Lumakras + Vectibix (Amgen) Codebreak-101 (Kras G12C+ve colorectal cancer) Had data at Esmo 2021, cf LBA24 on Mirati's adagrasib 315O
GDC-6036 (Roche) Ph 1 (Kras G12C+ve solid tumours) Field getting crowded 459MO
CART-ddBCMA (Arcellx) Interim ph1 (multiple myeloma) Data at Asco 2022 620O
AL102 (Ayala, ex-Bristol Myers Squibb) Ringside (desmoid tumours) Gamma secretase inhibitor, cf LBA2 on Springworks' nirogacestat 1488MO
DS-7300 (Daiichi Sankyo) Ph1/2 (solid tumours) Anti-B7H3, cites durable responses, cf Macrogenics MGC018 453O
DCC-3116 (Deciphera) First in human, incl MAPk combo (solid tumours) ULK1/2 inhibitor (data at AACR 2022) 450O
Ubamatamab (REGN4018; Regeneron) Ph1/2 monotherapy cohort (ovarian cancer) Anti-Muc16 T-cell engager 523MO
Giredestrant (Roche) AcelERA (2L HR+/Her2- breast cancer) Failed Serd study 211MO
Amcenestrant (Sanofi) Ameera-3 (2L HR+/Her2- breast cancer) Failed study, Serd recently discontinued by Sanofi 212MO
Source: Esmo website, company statements &

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