Alzheimer's setbacks have prompted $39bn of market cap losses this year


Neurotrope joined the long list of Alzheimer’s disease disappointments this week with the failure of Bryostatin-1 in a mid-stage trial, wiping 77% – $42m – from the company’s market value. A look at cumulative market cap changes that can be attributed to news related to Alzheimer’s projects shows that there has been a huge desertion of investor support for the field this year. Vantage constructed this analysis from EvaluatePharma’s EventAnalyzer, which tracks the biggest share price moves among global biopharma companies each day. An important caveat to bear in mind here is that sentiment that built or declined slowly will not have been captured here. However the chart clearly shows how major events have triggered the various ebbs and flows of optimism over the past decade, and those following the Alzheimer’s field will not be surprised to see that this year is well into the red. Huge unmet need means that many investors will take positions in companies with skin in the game, for fear of missing out if the unexpected happens. But the field desperately needs to find a new way forward, as it is very hard to pinpoint projects that might prompt a recovery of the $39bn of market value that has eroded this year alone.

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