Another deal for Oncimmune


The determination of UK-based liquid biopsy developer Oncimmune to boost its top line by signing up partners is a matter of record, and its latest deal is a significant one. The company has formed a US distribution deal for its EarlyCDT-Lung assay with the blood testing group Biodesix, worth $28m over five years. Biodesix will also buy Oncimmune’s US operations, including its Clia lab, chiming with Biodesix’s own ambitions of becoming a serious lung cancer diagnostics player. EarlyCDT-Lung has been sold in the US since 2012 to help pulmonologists rule out treatment for patients with benign lung masses. But Oncimmune is pushing for the test to be used as a screening tool, and top-line data from the 12,210-patient ECLS study, released last month, point in the right direction, though details are scant. The trial met its primary endpoint, Oncimmune said, showing that use of EarlyCDT-Lung with subsequent X-ray and CT imaging reduced the incidence of patients with late-stage lung cancer or unclassified presentation at diagnosis, compared with standard practice. Further data ought to come in autumn, but Oncimmune will need to definitively show the test’s cost-effectiveness to build meaningful sales on either side of the Atlantic. 

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