Bristol joins fast-growing ulcerative colitis market

The addition of ulcerative colitis to Zeposia’s US label yesterday is forecast to bring in a cool $1.4bn worldwide in 2026 for Bristol Myers Squibb. According to Evaluate Pharma the indication is worth nearly three times as much as multiple sclerosis, Zeposia's other approved use. A decision on the S1P receptor modulator in Europe is expected in the second half of the year. The ulcerative colitis market is forecast to be worth $12.8bn in five years’ time, and it is Abbvie’s Rinvoq that looks set to dominate. Nearly half of the total market sales are assigned to the Jak inhibitor, which is still in phase 3. Two induction studies, U-achieve and U-accomplish, have already read out positively with no safety signals, but a cautious FDA recently delayed decisions for the drug in psoriatic arthritis and atopic dermatitis, apparently on ongoing toxicity concerns with the Jak class. Results from the Rinvoq’s maintenance study in ulcerative colitis are expected this summer, and Abbvie expects to file later in the year.

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