Covid-19 vaccine pipeline builds as Clover and Dynavax push on

Several late-stage Covid-19 vaccine successes have not deterred developers working on earlier projects, and today Clover became the latest to announce a move into phase II/III, with a vaccine codenamed SCB-2019. The move is notable because the China biotech is proceeding with a Dynavax adjuvant, rather than one made by Glaxosmithkline. A study of both vaccine-adjuvant combinations found that immune responses were lower when SCB-2019 was adjuvanted with Dynavax’s CpG/Alum, as opposed to Glaxo’s AS03, though the authors stressed that the data could not be extrapolated to infer protection. Clover apparently saw enough to push on with CpG/Alum, although it might not have had a choice; Glaxo could well have chosen to prioritise the two other vaccine projects that utilise AS03. The adjuvant is also being used in a Medicago project, and in the delayed Sanofi vaccine collaboration. A spokesperson for the UK pharma giant told Evaluate Vantage that manufacturing capacity had no bearing on the move. With big names in vaccine development failing to progress it is encouraging to see a full pipeline coming behind the leaders, although maybe the bar to push on is lower for those with smaller commercial vision.

Coming behind: the second wave of Covid-19 vaccines? 
Project  Description  Company  Update
CVnCoV mRNA (2 dose) Curevac Herald, Europe ph2/3 data due Q1 2021; Europe ph3 due 2021
Ad5-nCoV Adenovirus type 5 vaccine (1 dose) Cansino Biologics Ph3 recruiting in Russia & S America
Coronavirus-like particle Covid-19 vaccine Coronavirus-like particle vaccine (2 dose) GSK/Medicago Ph2/3 started Nov 2020 in Canada & US
Covid-19 S-Trimer Trimerised fusion protein (2 dose)  Clover/Dynavax Ph2/3 to start H1 2021; interim analysis due mid-2021
Covid-19 vaccine project Recombinant protein (1 or 2 dose tbc)  Sanofi/Glaxo  Ph3 due to start 2021, pending development of new formulation
INO-4800 DNA vaccine (2 dose) Inovio Ph2 stage of pivotal study recruiting; ph3 stage remains on US hold; ph2 enrolling in China
ARCT-021 Self-amplifying mRNA vaccine (1 or 2 dose tbc) Arcturus Ph3 planned for Q2 2021 pending data from ongoing Ph2
ZyCoV-D DNA vaccine (3 doses) Zydus Cadila  Ph3 cleared to start in India Jan 2021
Note: includes notable projects already progressed into phase II/III development or likely to do so imminently. List not exhaustive. Source: EvaluatePharma & company statements.

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