Genmab gets another Darzalex boost

Just a few years ago it looked uncertain whether Genmab/Johnson & Johnson’s Darzalex would hit 2024 forecasts of $6bn. Now sales of the multiple myeloma drug are set to come close to this figure already this year. During second-quarter results yesterday Genmab upped its 2021 Darzalex revenue guidance to $5.6-5.9bn, from $5.2-5.6bn previously. And the anti-CD38 MAb is now expected to breach the $10bn barrier by 2026, according to sellside consensus compiled by Evaluate Pharma. Jefferies analysts go further, estimating peak multiple myeloma sales of $10bn, plus $2bn from other indications. However, Genmab might not end up seeing as big a reward as it would like: the group is disputing how much J&J should be paying in royalties, with a resolution not expected for months. A look at the biggest drugs in 2026 shows Darzalex at number six, behind behemoths like Keytruda and Opdivo. One product on this list whose sales prospects look in doubt is Abbvie’s Jak inhibitor Rinvoq, which has had an approval decision delayed in atopic dermatitis, an important new indication. But Abbvie remains bullish, recently reaffirming a previous prediction that the drug can bring in $8bn by 2025.

The 10 biggest drugs in 2026
Product Company Description 2026e sales ($bn)
Keytruda Merck & Co Anti-PD1 antibody 27.0
Opdivo Bristol Myers Squibb Anti-PD1 antibody 13.3
Eliquis Bristol Myers Squibb Coagulation factor Xa inhibitor 12.5
Dupixent Sanofi/Regeneron Anti-IL-13 & IL-4 antibody 12.2
Biktarvy Gilead Sciences HIV-1 integrase inhibitor & HIV-1 nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor 11.2
Darzalex Johnson & Johnson/Genmab Anti-CD38 antibody 10.3
Tagrisso Astrazeneca EGFR inhibitor 9.6
Trikafta Vertex Pharmaceuticals CFTR potentiator & CFTR corrector 9.3
Rinvoq Abbvie Jak 1 inhibitor 8.9
Skyrizi Abbvie Anti-IL-23 antibody 8.4
Source: Evaluate Pharma.

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