Lattice miss is grating for Bristol Myers

Why deucravacitinib would fail in ulcerative colitis when it succeeded convincingly in psoriasis is not clear, but fail it has. In the phase 2 Lattice-UC study Bristol Myers Squibb’s oral Tyk2 inhibitor did not show improved clinical remission over placebo in moderate to severe UC. Neither did the trial meet its secondary efficacy endpoints. Deucravacitinib might still have a chance in the condition: a second phase 2 trial testing a higher dose is under way, and could report imminently. But hopes in UC will surely dim, not least because Pfizer has already discontinued its Tyk2, PF-06826647, in the disease. Perhaps deucravacitinib is a better bet in the various other disorders in which it is being trialled, though for now psoriasis remains the only indication for which analysts are forecasting sales – $2.4bn in 2026, according to Evaluate Pharma. The news will hardly help shore up confidence in Bristol’s biggest pipeline hope, which has already been dented by regulatory concerns. The company’s shares have slid heavily since the FDA slapped surprisingly stringent warnings on the related Jak-inhibitor class, with investors fearful that the regulator might consider the Tyk2 mechanism to carry similar risks.

Selected clinical-stage projects targeting Tyk2
Project Company Status Trial details
Bristol Myers Squibb Psoriasis (ph3) Poetyk-PSO-1 (NCT03624127) and Poetyk-PSO-2 (NCT03611751) hit
Psoriatic arthritis (ph3) NCT04908202 and NCT04908189, end 2023
Ulcerative colitis (ph2) Lattice-UC (NCT03934216) failed; IM011-127 (NCT04613518) ends 2021
Crohn's disease (ph2) NCT03599622, ends 2023
Lupus nephritis (ph2) NCT03943147, ends 2023
Systemic lupus erythematosus (ph2) NCT03920267, ends 2023
PF-06826647 Pfizer Psoriasis (ph2) NCT03895372, completed by no results reported
Hidradenitis suppurativa (ph2) NCT04092452, ends 2022 (includes brepocitinib & PF-06650833 arms)
Topical brepocitinib
Pfizer Atopic dermatitis (ph2) NCT03903822, hit Mar 2021
Psoriasis (ph2) NCT03850483, ends 2021
Oral brepocitinib
Pfizer Psoriatic arthritis (ph2) NCT03963401, completed but no results reported
Systemic lupus erythematosus (ph2) NCT03845517, ends 2022
Hidradenitis suppurativa (ph2) NCT04092452, ends 2022 (also includes PF-06826647 & PF-06650833 arms)
Vitiligo (ph2) NCT03715829, completed, no results (also includes ritlecitinib (PF-06651600) arm)
Crohn's disease (ph2) NCT03395184, ends 2022 (also includes ritlecitinib (PF-06651600) arm)
NDI-034858 Nimbus^ Plaque psoriasis (Ph2) NCT04999839, ends 2022
OST-122** Oncostellae Ulcerative colitis (ph1/2) NCT04353791, ends 2022
ICP-332 Innocare Ph1 in healthy volunteers Trial begun in China
BMS-986322 Bristol Myers Squibb Ph1 in healthy volunteers NCT04175925, recruitment on hold owing to Covid-19
Notes: *also hits Jak1; **also hits Jak3 & ARK5; ^Bristol Myers Squibb has option via Celgene acquisition. Sources: Evaluate Pharma,

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