Nemaura goes to Europe


Nemaura’s wearable blood glucose sensor has gained European approval, and investors must be starting to wonder exactly when an acquirer might appear. SugarBeat is a disposable patch worn on the arm, similar to those sold by the much larger groups Abbott and Dexcom but without the tiny needle used to sample glucose levels. Instead SugarBeat sends an imperceptible electric current across the skin, drawing interstitial fluid out through the skin for glucose analysis. Nemaura intends to “aggressively” enter the market, selling the device to both insulin- and non-insulin-dependent patients as well as “health-conscious consumers” who want to track their glucose levels even though they have no diagnosis. The aggression is taking the form of price competition, with the company saying SugarBeat will be the cheapest continuous glucose monitor in the industry. Nemaura is to file in the US mid-year, and approval here might be a tougher bar to clear – trials of SugarBeat have only enrolled a total of 75 patients, with both type 1 and type 2 disease, and there have been questions about the relevance of the endpoints. The FDA might require stronger data – and so might larger groups before considering an acquisition. 

Nemaura's SugarBeat glucose sensor

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