Abbvie and Genmab’s bispecific shines again

Abbvie and Genmab have long claimed that their anti-CD20 bispecific epcoritamab could be best in class. Now new data add weight to these assertions. The latest topline results from the Epcore NHL-1 trial, in third-line or later large B-cell lymphoma, paint epco in a favourable light versus rival CD20-targeting T-cell engagers in similar populations, as well as against Roche’s antibody-drug conjugate Polivy, which gained accelerated approval last year. Roche has boasted that Polivy is as good as Car-T, something that also looks true for epco, at least on a cross-trial basis. Notably, 39% of the epco-treated patients had already progressed on Car-T. As for adverse events, Abbvie and Genmab said only that cytokine release syndrome was most common, with a 2.5% incidence of grade 3 CRS. More details on both efficacy and safety will be keenly awaited, but the groups have already signalled plans to seek accelerated approval this year in DLBCL. Another anti-CD20 bispecific, Roche and Biogen’s mosunetuzumab, is ahead, with a rolling submission already under way. However, rather than DLBCL the groups are seeking the go-ahead in a slower-growing form of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, follicular lymphoma.

Cross-trial comparison of agents for large B-cell lymphoma
Project Epcoritamab (GEN3013) Polivy Glofitamab (RG6026) Odronextamab (REGN1979) Plamotamab
Company Abbvie/ Genmab Roche Roche Regeneron J&J/ Xencor
Description Anti-CD20 bispecific Anti-CD79b ADC Anti-CD20 bispecific Anti-CD20 bispecific Anti-CD20 bispecific
Setting ≥3L LBCL ≥2L DLBCL* r/r DLBCL** ≥2L DLBCL ≥2L DLBCL
Study Ph1/2 Epcore NHL-1 Ph1/2 Study GO29365 Ph1/2 Study NP30179 Ph1 Elm-1 Ph1 XmAb13676-01
Efficacy ORR 63% ORR 45% ORR 41% ORR 40% ORR 37%
Notable adverse events 50% CRS (2.5% gr3) 42% ≥gr3 neutropenia 25% neutropenia 64% ≥gr3, 45% serious, 5 treatment-related deaths^ 62% CRS (5% gr3)
*Label is for 3L; **median 3 prior lines of therapy; ^had been on partial clinical hold, lifted May 2021; (D)LBCL=(diffuse) large B-cell lymphoma, both subsets of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. Source: company release, product label, Asco 2021, Ash 2021 & Ash 2020.

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