In8bio finds Adicet a hard act to follow

While Adicet Bio flies the flag for gamma-delta T cells others are finding life harder. Consider In8bio, which at the Gamma-Delta T Therapies Summit yesterday revealed case reports backing its second gamma-delta project, INB-100, after presenting early clinical findings for INB-200 at Asco. Armed with the first clinical data for a gamma-delta Car-T therapy Adicet is valued at nearly $700m; In8bio, meanwhile, had to change its name from Incysus, and took two attempts at an IPO before getting a float away, since when its valuation has fallen 75% to just $45m. Clearly a rising tide does not lift all gamma-delta boats, and it should be noted that neither INB-200 nor INB-100 are Car-modified. The former is engineered to express the DNA repair enzyme MGMT, which antagonises the effects of alkylating agents and is meant to make the cells resistant to temozolomide. The latter is an allogeneic gamma-delta T-cell infusion from partially mismatched related donors. Yesterday In8bio said three AML patients were progression-free after a year, but without a control it is difficult to attribute a benefit to INB-100. IND filing for the Car-modified INB-300 is still some way off.

In8bio's gamma-delta T cell pipeline
Project Car-modified? Expresses MGMT? Allogeneic? Status Data
INB-200 N Y N Ph1 investigator-initiated trial in glioblastoma 2/6 patients alive beyond expected mOS; best response is SD
INB-100 N N Y Ph1 investigator-initiated trial in AML 3/3 patients in morphological CR & alive at ≥1yr
INB-400 N Y Y Allo version of INB-200, IND possible H2 2022 Preclinical
INB-300 Y Y ? Animal testing ongoing Preclinical
Source: In8bio & Asco.

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