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Webinar | On demand

Gene Editing: Latest Developments

After Crispr made a splash as a potential therapeutic approach a decade ago, the question remains: will gene editing ever become mainstream? Although the first product using Crispr/Cas9 gene editing is on the verge of approval, doubts persist.

Watch the webinar.

Inside the world of gene editing - a closer look.

View our webinar for news and views on the latest developments. Our expert panel, chaired by Madeleine Armstrong, News Editor at Evaluate Vantage and author of our latest report on gene editing, featured Sekar Kathiresan, co-founder and CEO of Verve Therapeutics, Amanda Miklus, Managing Consultant and Shardha Millington, Consultant at Citeline.

The panel discussed topics such as:

  • The latest gene editing technology and trends in the market
  • The regulators’ stance on gene editing
  • The latest deal making activity and the reality of investment in gene editing companies

Madeleine Armstrong

News Editor, Evaluate Vantage


Sekar Kathiresan

Co-Founder and CEO, Verve Therapeutics


Amanda Micklus

Managing Consultant, Citeline


Shardha Millington

Consultant, Citeline