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Why work with Evaluate?

Evaluate is more than an insights vendor. We are a partner, here to support you at every stage of your business. As an Evaluate client, you have access to our Global Customer Success team, who provide a combination of self-guided and in-person onboarding focused on your needs, enabling you to learn best practices and ensure that your Evaluate subscription saves you time and supports your strategic decision making. 

You can choose between always-on online resources or direct access to the team to answer your questions at the time you need them answered. From personalised report templates, data alerts and opportunities to get a first view at our new capabilities, the team is here to provide ongoing guidance, support and partnership.

“Evaluate’s Customer Success team are a really valuable resource. I consistently receive fast, on-point support for a range of questions I pose, even walking me through the optimal design of custom reports so that the specifics of my business challenges can be directly addressed. I have particularly appreciated the late Friday requests which have been promptly supported!”

Senior Director, Strategy Lead, Office of the Chief Medical Officer, Top 25 Pharma

Key Statistics

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We work with 100% of the top 30 pharma companies

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100% of the top investment banks use our insights


12,500 consensus forecasts for over 3,200 drugs


Epi data covering 220 diseases and 9,000 sub-populations


Over 120 brokers used in our consensus forecasting


Deals & patents data for over 41,000 products

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