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Next Generation Dealmaking with Evaluate and Inpart

Dealmaking is a hallmark of the pharma industry. Whether to access innovative therapies, expand into new areas or fill a gap left from a failure in the clinic, pipelines need regular topping up to ensure companies can deliver long-term growth in the face of new competition, and loss of exclusivity. At Evaluate, we work closely with clients to help them scour markets to identify the right assets and partners.

There are several stages to finding that perfect partner, and in our recent webinar with our partners at Inpart, we talked though those stages, and highlighted some of the ways in which deep insight can help pharma companies make smart decisions and strike the right deals.

I was delighted to join Inpart’s webinar “Data Driven Dealmaking with Inpart Deal and Evaluate” to present alongside their VP, Product Strategy, Echo Zhang. The goal was to highlight some of the success factors in dealmaking and to explain how Evaluate and Inpart work together. Our partnership with Inpart came about as a direct result of client requests (theirs and ours) so it made sense to put together a demo of how the solutions work together.

What did we cover? Well, you can you see the on demand version here, but I’ll share a few highlights below.

Introduction to dealmaking with Inpart Deal

If you’re not familiar with Inpart Deal, it’s a solution designed to support partnering and was co-designed with Inpart’s customer community. It covers three key stages of dealmaking;

  • Sourcing: What’s your potential dealmaking universe?
  • Triage: Quickly weed out any non-viable contenders, enabling you to focus on the options with real potential
  • Evaluation and negotiation: In-depth evaluation, due diligence and data building to ensure you make the right decisions.

Evaluate methodologies to support decision making

All of the above must be based on clear data and that means having a methodology you can rely on. In the webinar, I talked through some of our propriety risk and return metrics including predicted launch dates and predicted sales. We use machine learning to assess over 150 attributes around product characteristics, company characteristics, competition, unmet need and much more. We also took a look at our Probability of Technical and Regulatory Success (PTRS) and upcoming milestones and how these quantitative metrics can be combined to provide much deeper insights and understanding than any single metric in isolation.

The granularity of Evaluate data enables companies to rapidly compare and contrast assets or partnership companies they are considering o help with that all important due diligence. These data provide objective, impartial benchmarked measures to streamline BD & L processes.

Research in action

In the webinar, Echo then ran through a live demo of the Inpart Deal solution, with the additional Evaluate data included. Our partnership enables clients with access to both solutions, to view the Evaluate data within the Inpart platform. It’s a really helpful way to help demonstrate how well the integration works and the value it can bring to dealmaking decisions.

If you’d like to check out the webinar, it’s available here, and of course you can get in touch with us to discuss it directly.

Ben Folwell

Business Development and Licensing Lead


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