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Asset Screening

Evaluate for Asset Screening

Screening and valuing pharma assets can be a thorny path, with so many data points to work through. Our solutions provide an accurate, impartial, and timely view of pharma asset potential. Forecast product-level risk, costs, and timelines to make key commercial decisions with confidence.

Check your assumptions, conduct deep due diligence, and assess the value of a potential target or your own portfolio with objectivity. Whether you are looking to expand your product pipelines or enter new markets, find out how our asset screening tools can inform your strategic decision-making.

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Benchmark internal forecasts with consensus forecasts

Screen candidates for in-licencing and acquisition in your area of interest, quickly determining which have positive readouts and which raise red flags. Cross-check internal assumptions against the industry’s trusted consensus forecast to ensure all relevant data sources are considered.

Answer key business questions

Use our NPV Analyzer to identify projected sales, time to peak revenue, and costs. Unearth potential risks and opportunities for improvement, building actionable recommendations based on screening analysis to include in reporting.

Build and inform your investment strategy

Conduct detailed market analysis, understand macro trends, compare specific companies, and explore emerging spaces. Search for companies that are ready for funding or acquisition, identifying risk and commercial potential earlier in the screening process.

How our solutions support asset screening

Evaluate Pharma

View current and forecasted financials, value R&D, and assess the worth of both marketed assets and pipelines by leveraging the unique connections between consensus forecasts and pipelines. Additionally, conduct scenario analysis for better decision-making.

Evaluate Omnium

Uncover unique and highly accurate insights into assets and commercial opportunities by analyzing risk and return correlations. This valuable information helps in screening assets and making informed decisions.

Evaluate Epi

Accurately determine the commercial opportunities and the worth of potential assets through thorough scanning and assessment. This allows for the creation of a refined asset list and estimation of patient populations.

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