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Analysis: Which Pharma Companies are Making Their Money Work?

As pharmaceutical companies decide how to allocate cash to ensure a steady flow of new treatments, how much of their revenue should go back into research and development, and how much into acquiring promising startups?

The challenge is to ensure that however a company allocates its money, it achieves the best results. Spending more doesn’t always guarantee higher returns. Evaluate Pharma looked at the top 15 companies by prescription and over-the-counter drug sales in 2023. We analysed each company’s spending over a decade, focusing on:

  • Pharmaceutical R&D
  • Acquisitions
  • Licensing deals
  • The value analysts place on their products

Get Insights On:

  • Biggest spenders and their financial strategies
  • Steady investors vs. big-ticket players
  • ROI for each company’s spending
  • Companies poised for future success
  • NPV of current and future products

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