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The 2024 Freshness Index: Who Needs To Freshen Up?

To keep revenue flowing, Big Pharma companies must continuously introduce new therapies to replace older drugs with expiring patents. What’s the current landscape, and how might it shift going forward?
Evaluate’s 2024 Freshness Index looks at the proportion of a company’s drug sales from products that are more than five, 10, and 15 years old. This analysis includes the top 10 companies by 2023 revenues from prescription and over-the-counter drugs.

Access your copy now to discover which companies rely heavily on products in the patent expiry danger zone and whether they have new products in the pipeline to offset potential revenue losses.

Here are the Key Questions our Report Answers:

  • Whose portfolios are really showing their age?
  • Who has promising new products in the works?
  • Is dealmaking breathing new life into dated pipelines?
  • How will the landscape shift in the future?

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