Pojasek departure takes Immunocore’s C-suite bloodletting to six


Immunocore’s protestations notwithstanding, the company seems to have been unable to stem the flow of senior executive departures. Yesterday the resignation of another member of its C-suite, Kevin Pojasek, came to light. Mr Pojasek had been at Immunocore since 2016, but according to his Linkedin profile he left his last position there, chief strategy and business officer, in May. This came after he had spent just five months in this senior job, and three months after the shock departure of the group’s chief executive, Eliot Forster; that was swiftly followed by other key personnel departures (Amid Immunocore’s C-suite bloodletting Glaxo provides solace, August 20, 2018). The official line from Immunocore is that everyone has personal reasons for leaving, and the group’s PR advisors have insisted to Vantage that “nothing is going on”. Nevertheless, sources close to Immunocore have spoken of ideological differences while the company burned through most of its record $320m raise in just three years, though there is no suggestion that the group’s technology is flawed. Immunocore’s PR advisors did not respond to an email asking for comment on Mr Pojasek’s departure.

Selected personnel departures at Immunocore
Name Position at Immunocore Departure revealed New position
Eliot Forster CEO Feb 2018 Non-executive chairman of Avacta
Eva Lotta-Allan Chief business officer May 2018 Chairman of C4X Discovery
Christina Coughlin Chief medical officer Jun 2018 CMO at Tmunity
Namir Hassan VP & director of translational R&D Jul 2018 Chief scientific officer at Zelluna
Paul Fry Chief financial officer Aug 2018* CFO at Vectura
Kevin Pojasek Chief strategy & business officer Sep 2018** Board member at Amathus & Ervaxx
Source: company announcements, Linkedin. Note: *remains in post until Oct 2018; **left in May 2018.

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