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Last year was an extraordinary year for biotechs, with record-breaking interest in the sector from investors and pharma alike. But with 6,000+ active biotechs and 22,500+ pipeline assets currently in the market, competition between biotechs is intense.

Evaluate provides biotechs with curated products to substantiate the value of a lead asset at an early stage. With Evaluate's breadth of data coverage, biotechs can uncover opportunities at an earlier stage and stand out from the competition.

Stand Out
Biotech IPO Market by Year

2020 was a big year for biotech flotations. An astonishing $12.7bn was raised last year by young drug developers via IPOs, a figure that outstrips previous records by a long way. A staggering 55 companies raised more than $100m and 35 of these brought in over $200m. And all listing companies managed to float at or above the initial prices proposed by bankers, taking full advantage of the cash flowing readily into the sector.

With this impressive track record, biotech's performance in 2020 will be a major influence on investor appetite in the coming months.

Private biotechs ended 2020 having raised just under a record-breaking $20bn, across ~450 VC rounds (typically a few small rounds are not announced until some time after closing). The clear trend is towards ever bigger venture rounds. Indeed, the average financing per round last year came in at nearly $45m, almost $10m higher than the average in 2019. Huge demand also creates huge expectations and the pressure is on for 2021's performance.

Annual Biopharma Venture Investments
Small Needs An Advantage

With such heightened interest in the sector, biotechs must work harder than ever to stretch themselves across the expectations of investors, pressure of development costs, and demand on internal resource.

Evaluate provides enterprise-level access to a number of leading features from across the Evaluate portfolio — including Evaluate Pharma, Omnium Risk and Evaluate Epi — for individuals multi-tasking under resource constraints. Improve your ability to substantiate the value of a lead asset, stand out against competition and secure the desired commercial exit.

Data and Features Available to Biotech

Evaluate BiOptica
Evaluate Pharma, Omnium Risk and Evaluate Epi features available

Market Explorer Dashboard

An accessible, interactive interface offering insights about the market, market value, and underlying dynamics influencing market valuations. Includes a total of $1.1tn worldwide sales by indication calculated to 2026, sales by technology and mechanism of action, CAGRs, market leaders, product counts, and top 10 products by current indication phase.

Portfolio Analyzer Dashboard

An interactive comparison matrix to benchmark company porfolios and assess their strengths and weaknesses in order to quickly evaluate potential companies of interest. Includes a total of $1.1tn worldwide sales by indication calculated to 2026, CAGRs, and portfolio growth analysis and rank by company, technology, and indication levels 1-3.

Competitor Analyzer Dashboard

Quickly assess the clinical pipeline landscape across an interactive interface, to compare company sales, pipelines and pipeline designations. Includes a total of $1.1tn worldwide sales by indication calculated to 2026, CAGRs, pipeline composition count by indication, and top 10 rankings of companies, companies' active products, and product indication sales over time.


Track thousands of deals by company, product, therapy area, compound phase, deal value and much more. Evaluate maintains historic deal data as well as venture financing and IPO information across pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

Clinical Trials

Focus on the trials impacting the commercial landscape with a commercial trial filter across 350,000+ clinical trials, 216+ countries and 314,000 trial investigators mapped to 7,500+ pharma/biotech companies and 820+ indications.

Product-Specific Success Rates

Predicts which in-house or competitor drugs are most likely to reach the market, so you can compare risk levels across products or indications. Includes product-specific probability of technical and regulatory success (PTRS), fully transparent risk audits and success rate benchmarks.

Epidemiology Data

Access a highly granular epidemiology data for 220+ indications and 9,000+ sub-populations across 27 core markets, including the USA, Europe, Japan and the BRICs. Interrogate the data by key demographic segments and indications for more robust analysis and forecasting of patient populations.

Consensus Forecasts & Archived Forecasts

Our deep industry knowledge and analytical expertise allow us to create the highest quality consensus forecasts and give our clients solid benchmarks for their strategic decisions.

Unique to the market as the largest back catalogue of consensus drug forecasts, Evaluate's Archived Forecasts cover 485,000+ forecasts across 11,000+ drugs, dated back to January 2003. Analyse drug progression across monthly archives and use it in coordination with Event Analyzer to understand the news events that led to consensus forecast changes.

NPV Analyzer

A standardised and systematic approach to calculating a product's Net Present Value (NPV), based on discounted cash flow models to 2040 for over 6,000 products. Edit assumptions to create custom models tailored to specific requirements: annual and peak sales, patent expiry dates, cost of capital, tax rates.

R&D Costs & Development Timelines

Provides the industry’s first comprehensive clinical trial costing model, applying real-world data to over 50,000 trials, so you can better assess likely costs across the development cycle. Includes estimated, product-level trial costs for past and current clinical trials, future R&D cost predictions and industry benchmarks by indication.

Predict when key development milestones will occur. Track progress against competitors or highlight products with first-in-class potential. Includes time-in-phase, launch date and market entry order predictions, as well as recruitment timeline benchmarks.


Analyse key patent expiration dates and the worldwide and US sales at risk.

Company Financials

Includes financial metrics by company: aggregated profit and loss to 2026, CAGRs ranked, comparison by reported income.

Event Analyzer & Calendar of Events

Event Analyzer is a daily and weekly round-up of the stock price winners and losers and the underlying news events impacting the pharmaceutical and biotech company share prices and valuations.

Calendar of Events offers daily insights and email alerts with insight into future critical events related to a product's life cycle and provides company guidance around development and regulatory timelines.

Report Editor Functionality

Edit any pre-built reports as well as create individual, custom reports from scratch. Add, remove or reorder components so that information is tailored to your query.

Evaluate gives us more confidence in our decisions – I’d be loath to go to our leadership team with therapeutic area or target recommendations without the information it provides us.

Nathan Dowden, Former Senior VP of Corporate Development, Rubius Therapeutics

Evaluate gives us confidence in our due diligence around the market size and value, which makes us a much more powerful negotiator when we bring a deal to the table.

Thaminda Ramanayake, Former Director, Business Development, BioMarin Pharmaceutical

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