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Company Profiling

Evaluate for Company Profiling

Tracking potential partners, acquisitions, and competitors helps you seize opportunities and manage portfolio risk. But company profiling can be complex and daunting. As your team sifts through multiple datasets, how do you find timely insights and avoid bias

Identify, profile, and monitor the right companies for your growth strategy. Easily track financials, pipeline developments, M&A activity, and more. Validate potential investments with confidence and strategically prioritise your portfolio for the highest return.

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Find the most suitable opportunities

Understand the importance of what’s happening in the landscape and what it means for your portfolio. Identify the right companies to profile based on the attributes that matter most to your strategy. Learn about each company’s financial performance and future critical events.

Track your targets

Once you have a shortlist of promising targets, identify which are looking for partnerships. Create and manage target lists and use our accurate and reliable data to track and analyse how their assets compare to competitors by phase.

Defend and validate assumptions

Use powerful tools, data, and analysis to identify opportunities and manage your portfolio risk. Our externally audited methodology provides unbiased company updates, helping you refine your profiling process, align with your goals, and optimise ROI.

How our solutions support company profiling

Evaluate Pharma

Make informed decisions on acquisition and partnership strategies by assessing companies based on their financial and portfolio health, comparing them against each other, and utilising tools such as Company Screening, Risk and Return Landscapes, and EVP Analysis.

Evaluate Epi

Gain insights into the future potential of assets, including predicted sales, success rates, and timelines, while also understanding the current and future financial and portfolio health of companies.

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